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Group insurance for businesses, schools, churches and other groups in North Carolina. Let Paragon match you with the right plan today.
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Who Is the Paragon Group?

The Paragon Group, Inc., established in 1993, specializes in employee benefit programs and offers a wide array of insurance planning and financial products.  Because we write insurance plans through many of the nations top-rated insurers, you can be confident that our reliable recommendations are sure to meet your business insurance needs.  Understanding why we recommend certain plans over others is very important.  Our desire is to educate you, our client, so that you are fully informed in all aspects of the employee benefit sector. 


Are Your Employees Getting the Most Out of Your Benefits Program?

An attractive benefits package will not help you retain employees if your employees are not aware of your benefits offerings.  Our agency can deliver the resources – including informational articles, videos and infographics.  We will assure you have tools to effectively communicate with your employees about benefits offering and enrollment.


How Often Do You Hear from Your Current Broker?

Open enrollment will not be the only time that you hear from us.  We conduct regular onsite meetings with new hires, process enrollments and terminations, as well as emailing you on a regular basis and providing timely industry updates to keep in touch and let you know that we are always here to assist. The Paragon Group has the resources that your business needs to assure that you remail in compliance with the every changing insurance industry.

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The Paragon Group provide affordable insurance plans for Businesses, Individuals and Families. We also provide long-term care protection for you and your family.

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