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Group insurance for businesses, schools, churches and other groups in North Carolina. Let Paragon match you with the right plan today.
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Individual health insurance is health coverage that is purchased by an individual or a family and is not tied to a job or group of policyholders. If you do not currently participate in your employer’s health plan, or if your employer does not offer coverage, obtaining individual coverage is a good route to go to ensure that you and your family will receive affordable preventive care and will be protected from large expenses in the event of a medical emergency.


Under the ACA, no qualified health plan can refuse to cover people with pre-existing conditions.  You will have guaranteed coverage and renewability, regardless of a pre-existing condition.


The Paragon group has several types of individual health coverage to offer you.  We can also offer ancillary coverages, such as individual dental, vision, and disability options.

If you are getting close to your 65th birthday, you are likely preparing to enroll in Medicare.  Enrolling in Medicare and figuring out how to decrease your out-of-pocket health care expenses can be daunting.  A Medicare supplement plan can save you money and provide peace of mind.  Medicare supplement plans are sold by private insurance companies.  To be eligible for Medicare supplement plans, you must be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B.  We represent all top carriers so please contact us for more information.


When a death occurs in a family, those who are left behind may have to deal with financial loss and hardship. Life insurance is designed to ease those difficulties.  The primary purpose of life insurance is to protect the surviving members of a family or other dependents against the loss of an individual’s income or services. A life insurance policy is a legal agreement between you and an insurance company that guarantees the payment of a death benefit to your chosen beneficiaries in exchange for the payment of a premium by you.


To help you decide if you should buy life insurance, think about your family situation and what would happen if you died tomorrow. Would there be enough money available for medical and funeral costs? Does your spouse have a separate income that could pay for food, clothes and household bills? Do you have any debts that would be difficult or impossible for your survivors to repay? Do you have children who will need financial assistance for their education?  The Paragon Group will assist you in navigating this process and will provide our expertise in recommending the type of policy that may best suit you and your family’s needs.

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The Paragon Group provide affordable insurance plans for Businesses, Individuals and Families. We also provide long-term care protection for you and your family.

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