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Group Vision Insurance

dreamstime xs 740654An often overlooked part of an employee benefit program for your North Carolina business is group vision insurance.    The truth is that group vision insurance is as critical as medical and dental insurance in employee benefit packages.  Routine eye exams are a critical part of a proper preventative healthcare plan.  In addition to ensuring that your workforce has optimal vision to get the job done, routine eye exams can detect diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and hypertension in the earliest stages.  Early treatment of these serious conditions provides the best outcome as well as reduction of severe complications.   Additionally eye exams screen for cataracts and glaucoma; early treatment of these conditions is critical to preventing blindness.   The reality of today’s work environment is that a lot of time is spent in front of computer screens, making accurate vision a key to employee productivity and accuracy on the job.  Group vision insurance is an essential part of the employee benefit program for your North Carolina business. 

Vision insurance typically takes one of two forms. 

Vision Benefits Package:  Provides yearly eye exams.   Plan also provides eyeglasses or contact lenses for a specified price range as part of the yearly premium.  There is typically a small co-pay due for the exam.

Vision Discount Plan:  Provides eye exams, glasses, and contacts at discount rates in exchange for yearly premiums.  Sometimes co-pays are required for this type of plan. 

There are numerous providers for group vision insurance in North Carolina.  Don’t let the different provider and plan options overwhelm you!  At The Paragon Group of Wilmington, North Carolina, we are experts at picking out the right plan for your company.  Our motto is that we represent you to the insurance industry and we take our job very seriously.  Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, at the Paragon Group, we will find the group vision insurance plan that meets your unique business and budget needs.    Ensure the health of your employees and business today and contact us at The Paragon Group, where for over twenty years, we have been helping our North Carolina clients make informed group vision insurance choices. 

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